The Chilcotin Mountain Range provides a hospitable climate for a wide diversity of species and ecosystems. Due to successful adaptability to the rapidly changing natural cycles and seasonal influences of this environment, nomadic tribes and animals have coexisted and evolved together for thousands of years. Today, most of the forests, lakes and rivers have remained practically untouched by modern civilization, allowing for life to thrive as it has for thousands of years.

Native Canadian wilderness themed adventures have been uniquely created, offering a wide variety of activities and training, and will bring you back in time to experience life in nature as it was 10 000 years ago for the native mountain people of Canada. We will teach you how to survive in the wilderness by using the same survival methods used by the natives; by following the receding snow line up the mountains, using the same trails, harvesting the same wild plants and herbs, camping in same meadows and viewing the same wildlife species. We are a licensed Guide Outfitter that operates in our 5,000 square km operating guide area. This territory has been operational since 1880, making it the oldest in British Columbia. It encompasses the South Chilcotin Mountains and the surrounding ranges of southwestern British Columbia, the South Chilcotin Mountains Park and Big Creek Park.

A truly authentic experience!

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